Friday, November 6, 2009

Weekly review...

We didn't quite get everything done that I wanted to this week. That's not anything new really but we did get a lot done and some things I didn't plan on so it's all good. I plan to let the kids work on some art projects I wanted to get to this weekend.

We have actually had a sunny ( and warm ) week in rain land, yay! So I have had the kids outside playing quite a bit. Meghan and I have gone on a couple nature walks. Of course I get exercise too so that works for two reasons. We walk and look for interesting things and animals. We talk the whole time about nature and about life. If you know Meghan you know there is no end to the questions she can come up with. :) \

Here are the kids with their leaf crowns. We did this as a fall activity. The idea came from Ami at Walking by the Way Thanks Ami!

Meghan is finishing up her Math-U-See workbook and reviewing. She is getting ready to start on multiplication. She has been doing well in spelling also and loves using

Here she is graphing her Halloween candy. Another idea I was reminded of by Ami.

We are still working on our Farmer Boy unit study. This week we mostly read the book. We have also been reading "Meghan Rose" books that Grandma bought for Meghan. These are our read alouds for the week. Meghan has been reading another book in the Jigsaw Jones Mystery series among others that catch her interest. We have also been reviewing nouns, verbs and adjectives.

The kids made these owl snacks too. I thought they were fun and fall like. Thanks to my friend Ashley for the idea. They are made with cresent rolls, chocolate chips, goldfish pretzels and cinnamon sugar.

Ellie has been standing up on furniture and things for a while but this week she has let go twice! I think she is rushing it! She also has a third tooth trying to come in. The first two aren't very far in yet but here comes another!


ami said...

Fun to read about your fall happenings! :-) I just loves those little owls! :) Ami

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