Sunday, November 8, 2009

Weekend Projects

This weekend we worked on some art projects that we didn't get to last week. The first one was salt dough leaf prints from That Artist Woman. On Saturday we made the salt doughleaf prints.

They played with the leftover dough for a while.

On Sunday they painted them.

Meghan also did a couple science experiments with her candy. I found the idea on Ami's blog. She has so many cool things! She found them on this website, candy experiments.
Meghan was having fun with it and filling out her experiment forms, (created by Ami, Thanks Ami!) and she suddenly looked up at me and said "So when you do science experiments you learn too?" hee he She thought she was just having fun on a Saturday.


ami said...

Ha! I love her comment about science experiments! :-) We are going to try to do more; I didn't realize how much Elijah liked them until we did the candy stuff. It just takes some prep and clean-up from mom, and I don't know how much of that I have in me right now. ;) Ami

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