Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Homeschool Blog Hop

Theme For The Week: 10 Random Questions

Time for a bit of fun this week. Just copy the 10 questions below and enter your answers after each one of them for this week's blog hop.

1. What time is it right now?
3:46 pm

2. What are you wearing?
jeans and a brown tank top

3. What is your mood?

4. What is one thing your children learned today?
Spilled iced tea will make you cold.. haha

5. What did you (or are having) for dinner?
um.. leftover Mexican food

6. What's one book you are currently reading?
Farmer Boy to Meghan. I read online too much to read books for myself. :) I even read the Bible online most of the time. Love magazines though.

7. What behaviour (in people) is the most common but also the rudest?
I can not stand lying. Is it rude though? hmm maybe people just not showing common courtesy.

8. What can you see out of your nearest window right now?
my car parked on the street

9. What are you currently praying for?
My husband to find a job.

10. What is your favourite hot beverage?
The vanilla latte's my husband makes me.

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Debbie said...

Nice to meet you as well! I love those life lessons such as spilled ice tea makes you cold! Ha! We get a lot of those life lessons around here!

Our Country Road said...

I am not much for hot drinks, but a Vanilla Latte sounds good! I hope your DH gets a job soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi I found you from the blog hop. You have a lovely blog. =)

Melissa: Mother to 3 Little Sprouts said...

I am a new follower from the homeschool hop! Thanks for linking up! I hate lying too- its rude!

legendswife said...

Hi! I am sloowly following this week. Thanks for joining the blog hop:) (laughing) You know your probably the sixth person I've came across who was having Mexican food!

God Bless

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