Saturday, May 29, 2010

Getting Organized... Help!!

Usually I am pretty organized. I like to keep things neat, a mess makes me... well scattered! I feel unorganized inside if life is a mess around me. That kind of makes me sound crazy huh? Well I'm not ;), unless you ask my husband but no one's asking!

So my thoughts lately have been how to get things organized in my life. I am getting my business started again which means organizing lots of paper work and orders. I have to make sure to get my tax forms filled out and in on time each month, make lists for supplies and lists for what needs to be made each week. Of course I will still be homeschooling too. So I need to figure out how that will be handled. Right now I am thinking about making a chart for Meghan. Something that can tell her what she can do on her own, (while I am working and Daddy is home) and then things we will do when I get home. Kaden is pretty easy, he'll do a couple little things with me but he mostly learns as he plays right now. I will only be working at the bakery 20 hours a week. I am sure there will be a few things to do at home too, such as paperwork. Then there is the normal day to day stuff involved in running a household.

So today I ask you... fellow homeschoolers... business owners... working mothers.... anybody!
What are your tips and tricks for keeping your busy life organized and running smoothly?


Shannon said...

Pre-planning, as much as it sucks. I could not function with Faith in 2 day school, Ben in 2 day school, 3 days homeschooling, plus working on the school days and grading papers/lesson planning on the home days, without a plan for the week.

I seriously left out clothes, premade lunches, and had a dry erase board in the kitchen with lists on it (I like lists). And I used the crockpot a lot.

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