Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First Week Review- The Giving Tree

We had a great first week back to school! Our first unit study of the year was on the book The Giving Tree, from Homeschool Share. Have I mentioned I love that site? I do! There are so many units and we are constantly adding new stuff.
The unit had a lot of great information in it. The first thing we did was make a mobile of the Fruits of the Spirit and read Galatians 5:22-23. The mobile has one Fruit listed on each apple. We talked about how the tree exhibits all of the Fruits.

Meghan used a map to find our state and major apple producing states. She colored the states and we talked about why apples grow well in those states.

We found out apples are a member of the rose family.

We talked about the different uses for trees.

Kaden and Ellie learned about the letter A and it's sound. They had coloring and tracing sheets to play with. Kaden used his maze book.

Ellie was covering each A with a crayon or pencil. haha

 Meghan made a list of things you can make using apples. She also graphed a list of apples I gave her and helped Kaden sequence the story with story strips.

We discussed fractions using an apple and we made apple chips.

For art the kids all made a tree using their arm and hand. We traced them and then they painted their trees.



Some other things we did this week...
Baking cookies. This is the first time I have had her follow the recipe and pretty much do it herself. I was there just to answer questions.

We started calendar time.

Ellie's pretend time with Barbie.

Kaden using the counting beads.

They also went outside a lot more this week than in weeks past. I guess they can feel the little bit of cool down. :)
Here they are opening their back to school gifts. They got new art supplies.

Over all a great week back!


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