Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Just Some Fun Stuff

I have some pictures I wanted to share from last week. First off... A little horsing around. ;)

These two are very close in height and weight so this was just funny. I didn't get a picture of when she made him top heavy and they both fell over.

Daddy is a good one to ride, he's got room for two.

Too cute!

I asked Meghan to get the clothes out of the dryer for me. After a couple minutes I went to put the next load in and this is what I found. haha Of course, I told them to stay put so I could take pictures.

One of Meghan's favorite breakfasts, Egg in a Hole, or whatever your family calls it.

Crafting (they made puppets)

and computer time.


Adamant Academy said...

They are so adorable!!!!

Bonnie said...

Thanks! I show the cute pictures. ;)

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