Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Busy Week!

It has been a very busy week around here. We changed over our electricity so that we have peak hours. So I get up and do any dishwasher or washing machine stuff before noon, if I can. If I can't then I wait until after 7pm. On Monday my friend Suzanne invited the kids over (Meghan and her friend Josiah, with her daughter Ellie) to bake apple cinnamon bread. They had a blast. She also read the Little Red Hen story to them. I had forgotten about that story. It's a good one. Suzanne was so sweet to do that with them.

Tuesday we had running around to do. We went to pick up our milk and we did some shopping after Nate was home from work. Seems like we did more but that was it other than school work and cleaning. Fun everyday stuff. I also did a small cake for someone this week.I am working on another one for Saturday too.

Today we went to Sprouts for a few things and then this afternoon Nate came home early so that I could go and pick up our co-op order with out the kids. I had never been before since this was our first time ordering. I got there as they were unloading the semi in front of her house so I got to help with that. Yes it was at about 3 pm and yes it was very hot. I was excited coming home though. I bought raw organic cheese, popcorn to make my own cornmeal, natural soaps and coconut oil that will hopefully last me a little while. I bought one kind that is refined a little more so it doesn't have the flavor or smell of coconut but I bought some that does also. The one that smells like coconut is the one with the most health benefits. So I was hoping we would like that one. I used it tonight to fry our chicken tenders and we like it so YAY. You can read some of the heath benefits here.Tropical Traditions

Tonight after we put Meghan to bed she got back up and told us she pulled her other front tooth out. (ewwww) I made her go rinse again and we put it in for the tooth fairy. :) Of course I had to grab a picture.. haha she has a huge gap! How will she eat! And look how happy she is.. why is it that loosing teeth as a kid makes them happy? LOL Doesn't work that way for adults.

Tomorrow and Friday. Right now I don't know of anything we have to go out and do. Hopefully we just get stuff around the house done and don't need to go out. :)


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