Thursday, June 19, 2008

Is it hot or what?

We have been busy but not with going out much. Plus gas prices aren't helping. I could not find gas less than $4.15 the other day. Anyways, so we have been home getting things done. Yesterday we made bread again and I tried making some into hamburger buns. They came out nice. We also had the a/c unit serviced. Nate went in late to work to handle that. The lady that owns the house is thinking about getting a new a/c unit because this one is so old and using lots of energy, it's from '87. Our electric bill has been crazy so we are hoping the servicing helps and that she will decide to change it out. I am sure that will help. We also changed our electric billing to have peak and off peak hours. So from 12pm-7pm I won't be doing dishes or laundry, haha. Nathan tried to tell me we should turn the air off... yea right. Nice for him since he doesn't have to be here for most of that time.

Our garden is getting big. I need to get updated pictures of that. I am excited for it to start making something. The tomatoes and the bell pepper are both getting flowers. The green beans are vining all over. I bought an heirloom tomato a couple times at the farmers market. They are the best tomatoes I have ever had, I actually just wanted to eat the tomato as is. So the last one I bought pretty much to just get the seeds. I dried them and I plan on starting some in the house and see how they do. We bought corn last week and it was so good. We had it on Tuesday. Nathan says that it tastes like he remembers Papa's corn tasting when he was a kid and that's the last time he remembered it being that good. So he was looking up how to dry some and use the seeds for that. I think we will be getting more on Saturday.


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