Friday, June 6, 2008

Our week

Well I missed about a week. Meghan did have some sort of bug. I am hoping she is getting better now. I think I have had my first experience with the kids passing each other something. Since Kaden was sick before and he was sick about the same amount of time. She didn't have all of the same symptoms he had though.

Let's see, so what did we do this week. Well we didn't go much of anywhere at all. Nate actually took off early on Tuesday so I could go alone to pick up our milk since I didn't want to take Meghan out. I did have our Girl Scout Parent meeting this week on Tuesday evening. We just told the mom's about what they would be doing and learning. They filled out all their paperwork and paid the yearly dues. I still need to fill out mine for the next year. It will be fun for Meghan to have a troop this year, I think. Hopefully I can handle being a co-leader too. :) I think it will be fun. Last night we had dinner and did some shopping.. just a little and I went in by myself. I ran into cvs and bought eye drops, 2 packages of diapers and two packages of wipes and spent 53 cents. Of course I use my extra care bucks to pay for the rest. I may try to go again this evening because they have toilet paper and paper towels on sale.

We pretty much skipped school for the week. We did have our reading time. We are still reading Little House in the Big Woods which Meghan loves. I think we are going to work on a lapbook about it after we finish the one we are doing on Bees. This is the first time we are doing lapbooks but it is going to be our method of learning from now on. It's a lot of fun.

I thought I would post what we had for supper this week. I have been trying to think ahead and plan meals. This weekend I hope to actually plan ahead for the week. I may work on that today since I go to the Farmer's Market tomorrow. Anyways, here is what we did this week.

Sunday- fried chicken tenders, (using coconut oil), potato salad and broccoli
Monday- Spaghetti, (using organic whole wheat pasta), spinach salad
Tuesday- Leftovers
Wednesday- homemade pizza, (we weren't thrilled with the crust, I think it needed salt) It had pepperoni, ground meat, onion, spinach and cheese.
Thursday- we went to Red Robin. I needed to get out of the house and Meghan was feeling better.
Friday- I am not sure what we are doing today yet. I have to make something with the chicken tenders I took out yesterday.

I have been trying to get our left overs eaten also, so we had leftovers from supper at lunch just about every day. I did make grilled cheese and spinach sandwiches one day though.


Anonymous said...

I plan a month-long menu which I keep on the fridge (it is a calendar I created on Excell). I have gone through all of my recipe books and picked out my/our favorite meals and then put them on a list with the cookbook name and what page.
At the beginning of each month I randomly choose recipes and insert them into days of the week. Biweekly I go grocery shopping, when I make my list I look at the calendar and check recipes to see what ingredients I need.
It really helps keep me out of ruts and gives me a purpose for meals. It also helps with a grocery budget since I am buying only what I know that I need instead of misc. stuff I think I "might" need.
Jason really likes it because he can depend on a meal at dinner instead of coming home to "what do you want?"

Shanna said...

Ooops, I meant to put my name.

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