Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lost tooth, communication and more...

Monday after I made my post here Meghan came to show me how loose her front tooth was. I told her that she should get a tissue and see if it would come out but do it in the bathroom. (I don't want to see) So she went and a few seconds later she comes back with the tooth in her hand and blood all over in her mouth (gag). I tried to be excited for a minute and promptly sent her back to the bathroom to rinse her mouth out. I can't handle much of that, just looking at it made my tummy hurt and I am really glad I don't have to help her pull them out. She is so excited about it though! She left it in a little box I got for her, for the tooth fairy that night. In the morning she was excited about the money she found in there and she also tried to whistle through the hole. She looks so cute and she talks almost normal. hehe

We also took the kids out to swim that afternoon. It was Kaden's first time in the pool with her. He had fun even if his swimsuit kept falling down. He did get cold pretty quickly though.

Nate and I were talking yesterday about how cute it is that Kaden tells us what he wants. We have never tried to teach sign language or anything like that but he makes sure we know what he wants. He just points to it. I don't remember Meghan doing that at all but he is doing it all the time. If he wants more of something he points to it, if he wants to go somewhere, (like outside) he points, if he wants his bottle he points to them... you get the idea. Very cute.


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