Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Embarrassing Moment

Well I don't know if it is the most embarrassing, this is just what popped into my head when I read my friend Julia's blog this morning. Julia hosts Working Mom Wednesday, you have to check it out. Her blog is so much fun and she loves God and shows it in her posts. Plus she just happens to be a friend of mine so of course she is great!


SOOOO I guess I will try and share.
When I was in 7/8 grade I went to a Christian School. We didn't have sports teams or anything really because our school was so small. The one thing we did have was track. We ran track a lot. Of course I was in my early teens and things are quite important and dramatic at that age. So one day we were running, (you may know where this is going). I was running with a couple other girls. I can't tell you who they are, I don't remember that part of this story. Behind us was a few guys running, one that I happened to be "oh so in love with", (remember that dramatic thing?). So all of a sudden I fell. I don't know why, I am not very coordinated so I am sure that had something to do with it. I tripped and fell and landed on my hands. Of course, I got up quickly and dusted my hands and kept going. I remember being asking if I was ok. I assured them I was fine and brushed it off. My hands hurt all day and I felt like crying for a week.
Now looking back at it I don't think it was as big of a deal as I thought it was at the time. Time heals all I guess. It's actually kind of funny and I am shocking myself by sharing it!

So who's next?? I'd love to hear any stories that make me feel better. ;)


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