Friday, January 29, 2010

Horse Riding lessons!

On Wednesday, (1-27) Meghan went for her first horse riding lesson. We decided to search for someone that could give her lessons for her birthday. When we found Angela, we knew she would be perfect. She doesn't really give a lot of lessons, mostly she trains horses, but she has a 7 year old as well and believes all kids should have a chance to take lessons and learn about horses. We told Meghan on Tuesday night. I made chocolate cupcakes and made her a little card. I wrote in her card about her gift. It was fun to watch her face as she read the card.

She had a GREAT time at her lesson. Angela, her teacher said that she had a great time teaching her too. I was happy about that because Meghan can talk. a. lot! At one point she had to use the restroom so she took her inside. Angela came back out by herself, to give Meghan some privacy she said because she was singing in the bathroom. She thought that was funny.
She learned so much. We wanted her to get an idea of how to care for a horse too and the work involved. Angela completly agreed of course and said she planned to teach her all that was involved. She learned how to brush them, clean their hooves, ( and why, before each ride), how to put the blankets and saddle on, and how to put the bridle on. She spent some time just petting the horse and making sure they were both comfortable.
She started out on this horse. She is a smaller horse and Angela thought she would be good for Meghan to get used to. However, she was really antsy because she could sense the storm coming.
They changed to this horse because she is calmer. She is pretty old and is the horse that Angela's 7 year old rides. She is however, a lot taller. :) SO she got to brush her and help get her ready to ride too.
She was really focusing on teaching Meghan how to stop. Meghan knows, in her head, how to stop and turn a horse so it was really cool that she was getting to try it in real life. She of course showed her how to get her to go, backup and turn. Meghan had a great time and one time when they were walking by she called to us "I am really getting into this horse thing." She didn't want to stop when it was time and wanted to go back the next day. We are going to try and take her once a week for as long as we can. I am so happy that we have the opportunity for her to take these lessons.


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