Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jan. 4-8 homeschool review

Our first week back to school after the holiday's went well! We kept pretty busy and were able to get a lot done. Here is what we did last week.

We read the story of Noah's Ark. They drew and colored pictures about the story. Meghan narrated the story back to me and for copywork she copied a memory verse.
Here are some pictures of Meghan's science experiment. She loves to do experiments.

Here they are working on some rainbow cookies!

Here are some websites I used for activities and ideas to go along with the story.
The story of Noah's Ark-- lots of activities and crafts.
Catch a rainbow science experiment
Activity sheet for recording your experiment
Rainbow cookies

For Math Meghan is continuing to practice borrowing and carrying. She finished reading her Meghan Rose On Stage book this week. In addition to her copywork she is keeping up with her Handwriting Without Tears book as well. She works on spelling in various ways through out the week. On Fridays I ask her aloud to spell each word. This week she used one day, a writing exercise another day and reading and spelling the words to herself on the other days. We also reviewed nouns, verbs and adverbs and Meghan filled in a madlib page. She loves reading these after she is done.

We are still working on the Farmer Boy unit study (one of the books in the Little House series). I read to the kids throughout the week. We dicussed yolks and how they were made and why they were used. Meghan also drew a picture of a horse for her notebook.

Sounds like a good week to me! On to the next!


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