Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekly Recap 1/11-1/15

This week we added in practicing word problems in math. She does very well with those so far. She kept up with her timed practice for addition, subtraction and the lower multiplication tables.
She finished reading Jigsaw Jones Mystery, The Case of the Great Sled Race. She will be picking out a new one for this coming week.
She finished another spelling lesson and wrote every day in her Handwriting Without Tears lesson book.
We read another chapter in Farmer Boy. We learned how they would cut and save ice in the winter to use in the summer. (History)
We also learned what causes popcorn to pop and how there are different varieties of corn, only one of which pops. (Science) Of course we had some popcorn as a snack.
Sprinkled in there were lots of games, playing with siblings and helping me cook.

Here she is working on her handwriting lesson.

And here are her and Kaden reading. :)


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