Friday, January 29, 2010

Winter Storm

Last night we had a storm blow in. We knew it was coming and they were predicting a mess. I started praying it wouldn't be as bad as they thought. We had sleet, freezing rain... I really don't know the difference. I know that it freezes on the trees and power lines and when that happened last year we were without power for a week and a half. I was really hoping it wouldn't happen this year because we have electric heating. All last night it was suppose to freeze. When I got up this morning though it wasn't too bad at all. I could see a little ice but nothing too bad and yay our power was still on, (Thank you Jesus!). Around noon it started to snow. We knew that was coming and I was happy to see it because no more freezing rain! It has been snowing all day now and is still snowing although it has finally slowed down and is being pushed out of our area.

Here is when it first started.
This is around 5 pm.
3 inches
It's about 10 pm now and there is probably 6 to 7 inches out there. This is more than we got during our Christmas Eve storm. I am betting there will be snow play tomorrow and more fun pictures to share.

I had seen quite a few blogs where they talked about making "snow cream". I was a little sad that I didn't know about snow cream during our Christmas storm. Although... I never eat Decemeber snow. hehe

So today when we started getting a lot of snow I thought about making some for the kids. I have never heard of this before, not being from an area that gets snow, I am sure there are many of you that know about it already and maybe made it as kids.

So I went out to find some clean snow. It wasn't hard because there was a lot on top of our grill :)
You need... 8 cups of snow
1 can of sweetened condensed milk
1 teas. of vanilla
Mix it all together...

Ellie is helping by hanging on my leg. She wasn't too impressed with the snow cream but at least I can tell her she has tried it. I tried it too. Yummy.
Serve immediately. Meghan thought it should have chocolate syrup and mini choc. chips on it.

Even Nate had some, even though he laughed at me when I was going out to get the snow. He left his plain vanilla but threw some cherries on top.
I think that was a lot of fun to make and share with the kids. For sure something we won't be doing in AZ.


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