Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bento boxes?

Check out Shannon's new blog carnival for lots of bento ideas!

I don't know if these are actual bento's but I thought they were cute. I found them at the dollar store and got one of each size... woohoo! Score! Aren't they cute? I found some little picks there too but I haven't used those yet. Make sure you check out your Dollar Tree stores. Love that store!

I used them the next day for the kids lunch. It was just at home so I didn't worry too much about packing it real well. They loved using them though. This was for Meghan and Kaden.

Oh and I also bought the little sandwich cutters. My homemade bread is a little small to use with them. It's suppose to cut out two shapes, one is hearts and the other is dino's. SO I have to position it a little and cut one shape and then I hid the left over pieces of the sandwich under the shape. :)

Meghan had grilled cheese, strawberries, cantalope and yogurt. Kaden had grilled cheese, goldfish and a not pictured yogurt.


Shannon said...

Cute! I love those boxes. I've picked them up & put them down a number of times. ;o) Check by the baby shower supplies at Dollar Tree and you might find some cute little bear cupcake picks. Meghan may like them for fruits (Faith does).

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