Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Time for an Update!

So I try to keep up and post what is going on with us, however I find that I need a post that is just updates once in a while. I go through the list of everyone and kind of let you know what they have been up to. It's fun for me anyways. :) So here we go...

We have been back in AZ for 2 months now and are so happy to be back! We are staying with my inlaws right now while Nate looks for work. It's going well and we are staying really busy. Nate has several things on the horizon and it looks like he could be back to work very soon, maybe next week or the week after. He helps me a lot with the kids and staying sane. ;) I have been working on getting my cake business back up and running. (My website is if you are interested. I do still have to get it updated.) I found a kitchen and have been getting all the proper paperwork and inspections. I should be ready to use said kitchen and officially be open June 1st. I have been busy with Jazzercise since moving back too and I love it! I tried it because my cousin takes classes and is becoming an instructor, and it's great. Once we move into our own place I will for sure find a class close. (We'll be moving back to the Valley, where work for both of us is, so about an hour away.)

Onto the kids... Meghan is doing great with school. We recently found out that when she listens to her MP3 player while working on her own she gets done really fast and it's correct too! Of course she takes it off to read or when we work together. She is reading books from the 3rd and 4th grade reading lists and is now practicing cursive writing. She has been to her first sleepover and had a great time! She is still obsessed with anything horse. She has quite a few horses (stuffed, of course or MLP) and she sleeps with them and plays with them constantly. She has lots of shirts with horses on them too. She wants to get back into lessons soon.

Kaden is doing great too. He is THE BUSIEST 3 year old and I have to watch him constantly but he is a little smarty too. He amazes me with what he understands and talks about. He is also very sensitive and so much different than Meghan was at that age. It's fun to have a boy though and get to experience both. He has started learning his letters and numbers. So far he has mastered A and B and 1. This week we are working on C. He wants to try and count things all the time and loves books and being read to. He has pretty much mastered the potty (pee anyways) and decided last week that he was going to stand to go. He is also going all on his own most of the time and will tell us "You don't go with me" if we try to follow him into the bathroom.

Ellie has mastered walking and is on the verge of just running everywhere. She is so funny. She says "mama", "dada", "hi",  and "moo" sometimes. She holds her hand out and makes an "uh uh" noise when she wants something. She has a little baby doll that she likes to play with (and actually she does this to all the baby dolls around), and she "talks" to her. There are no real words but just a sing song tone in her voice as she plays. So cute! She loves straws, patty cake and of course being attached to my hip! She is a great eater too and I am happy to not have to push it with her. (I have enough of that with her brother ;) She loves so many fruits and veggies, just like her sis.

So there you go, my little update on us!
God Bless!


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