Monday, May 3, 2010

Homeschool Blog Hop #8

It has been a while since there was a hop but here it is!! There is no theme this time so just enjoy your time finding new homeschool blogs!

I thought I would ask how everyone homeschools; is it year round (like us) or with a regular school year or something completely different? I love to hear how others do things!

We homeschool year round because I like the freedom of it. I like to take vacations and breaks during the normal school year so it's not so crowded. I like that the kids don't have a huge break and get out of the habit of "doing schoolwork". If something happens we don't have to worry about taking a day or a week off. It has worked out well for us!

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We are all enjoying this immensely, please play fairly as the majority of blog hoppers do! Thanks for participating, have fun


Blossom said...

Hi, from North Laurel Home and School (or just Blossom works too!). We started with the public school calendar, twisted it and tweaked it, and now have come to the conclusion to school year round. Why not? Learning doesn't stop in June (or the end of May!). We will take June and December off and whenever else we want to :) We are finishing up our first official year of homeschooling :)
Nice to meet you :)

Riceball Mommy said...

This is our first year homeschooling, and since we used Calvert Pre-K this week is our last week. Though only officially. I still want to keep up with doing something school-like. We're going to do workbooks, read books, and do a few projects over the summer.
So right now we are kind of doing a mix of the two I suppose.

kewkew said...

Hi, I have been thinking about this, have spent time trying to tweak a schedule, but as I mentioned on my post we are looking into unschooling. Even though we probably will be more relaxed, the thing about unschooling that caught my eye is that children are always learning so even though we have to fill out an affidavit for the official school year and have paper work in by June for Pa, we will always be learning year round.

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