Sunday, May 23, 2010

Family Movie Night

On Friday our church had a family movie night. (Toy Story 2 in anticipation of Toy Story 3) It is so fun to watch a movie outside! Of course we didn't get to stay for the whole thing because it was getting too late for Ellie but still lots of fun.

Before it got dark they had some inflatables. There was a bounce house, a slide and a caterpillar. My kiddo's love bounce houses!

Here they are on the slide.
In the bounce house...

Waiting to go in the caterpillar. Waiting is so hard when you are three!

We brought a blanket to hang out on and watch the movie and we packed a lunch for everyone. I was able to use our new Easy lunchboxes which I love! I didn't get a picture though! We were in a hurry to get ready to go. I did get a picture of Kaden and Ellie's dinner though. I used the little bento boxes for theirs.

Hopefully this shows I am getting better at packing them. :) They each had peanut butter crackers I put together. They also had fishy crackers under the muffin cup. I got the muffin cups to try and contain things. Ellie had peaches and Kaden had some little pieces of pizza.

Getting ready for the movie!

Kaden on the grass instead of the blanket. lol


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